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Harvest Friends

posted 25 Sept 2011, 10:24 by Jonathan Chicken   [ updated 5 Apr 2019, 08:24 by Ann Redhead ]

Today, Back To Church Sunday, St. Andrews welcomed friends old and new to the annual harvest festival. This year, a collection a food was made in support of The People's Kitchen, a charity who provide hot meals to its friends in need.

Kina Saunders led morning worship and using a variety of media challenged us to consider 'What makes a friend?'. Her message was related to that of the People's Kitchen who through mutual friendship aim to see 'one another through'. Kina reminded everyone that they were not only 'good people' but 'blessed people'. She encouraged us to engage fully with friends locally to provide support.

St. Andrews' Members are active members of their local community. They regularly support those less fortunate and consider how local action can influence others' lives for the better. Find out more about joining us by coming along one Sunday at 10.30am. We'd be pleased to welcome you.